Our Mentors turn Software Engineers into impactful Leaders

Everyone needs a trusted partner to help them succeed

A CTO without a Mentor is like a Quarterback without a Coach

We are here to be a trusted partner through your professional and personal career challenges.

Our mentorship program provides you with personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your professional goals and overcome obstacles along the way.

Whether you are a new CTO, aspiring Senior Engineer or seasoned Technology Leader we are here to help you succeed.

A Trusted Partner in Unpacking difficult Problems
Coaching in working with Co-founders and Execs
Get your team to High Output and High Velocity

Start with a Mentor and accelerate your personal growth

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We'll set a recurring schedule to meet, and if needed do some discovery calls with other members of your team to get a 360° view.

How does Mentoring Work?

If you're new to having a mentor, we got you covered

What does Mentoring help me achieve?

Equip you with frameworks to operate Product and Engineering teams
Impart deep industry experience that has been learnt in the trenches
Be a trusted partner in helping unpack technical and business problems
Coach you to navigate working with non-technical co-founders and executives
Develop your personal and interpersonal communication skills
Be at your side as you become an inspiring leader

What are the soft skills you can help me devleop?

Working with your personal brand and public persona
Positioning yourself for the roles or clients you want
Interviews, Sales pitches and closing the deal
Working with Founders and CEOs
Startup to Enterprise, when to break the rules and when to follow them
Life in executive committees, investor meetings and boardrooms

What Clients say about our Mentorship

Personalized results and a trusted partner every step of the way.

Sam Meurs
CTO at Kosy

“We resolved issues from communication and company structure, to technical architecture, frameworks, and process. I felt supported through tough times, and grew personally. I was even put in touch with potential investors and partners. Mentoring has been well worth the investment to me and my business.

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