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About AcceleratorCTO

Our company is founded on the premise that a small amount of expertise, delivered at the right time, can have massive impact to any company.

Ideas are easy to come by, but turning that little gem into something truly wonderful is a harder task. We help people see, with clarity and purpose, what ideas will become when they are made real. Then we can begin the hard work on how to deliver them to the world.

At early stage startups are always conscious of the runway ahead of them. There's a limited amount of time and money to succeed. We aim to help founders and CEOs make the right decisions early on, and we partner with them providing strategic insights in their Product roadmap, go-to-market strategy and technology choices that will set them up for both short term wins, but also long-term success.

Our mission

By working with countless startups we see time and again the pitfalls of wasting time on badly thought out initiatives that are not aligned to what the company needs to succeed. Products are either over-engineered, with wasted time and effort sunk where it does not need to be, or under-engineered, with poor products that just miss the mark or fail to scale.

Our work encompasses three pillars

  • Leadership, the forward looking
  • Team Building, the people who will make it happen
  • Management, the how it gets done

We use lightweight frameworks that we've built to set where startups need to go, getting the right people and structure in place to make it happen, and then we transform operational efficiency to align teams to high output against the company's goals.

Writing code is easy, writing the right code you need to succeed is hard.

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