Our Fractional CTOs and Advisors make your Startup go faster

We take the guesswork out of your Technology and Product Strategy, with decades of experience

Our Technical and Product Leaders turn your vision into reality

The right Chief Technical Officer to grow your startup is one of the most important choices that you will made.

For non-technical cofounders this choice is hard, as even the best software engineers may not be the right choice in helping you make the decisions that will set the path for your business in years to come.

We identify the needs for your startup, and then hand pick a leader with deep industry knowledge in the technology and vertical that you operate in.


We help drive business solutions with the right technology, we focus on these broad areas, customized to your needs.

Team Building

Without people there is no technology. Our leaders work with you and your recruiters to staff the best professionals and build autonomous, high functioning teams


Every team needs organization, and digital transformation can come in all shapes and sizes. Instituting the right agile process for your business is our specialty.

Our Product-Lead Process will focus and deliver



Identify a direction and metrics to drive the Product



Discover initiatives that support the direction and quantify their potential impact



Explain how we achieve goals with a technical strategy and product roadmap



Advance the product in the right direction by delivering technical solutions



Loop through iterative solutions based on continual feedback

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CTO Packages to Suit Your Needs

It's never a one-size-fits-all, we're always flexible


Specific targeted technical strategy, designed to help you realize your goals

Hours as you need them
Best at any stage for guidance
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Venture Kickstart

Accelerate new ideas and find a product and technology strategy

20 hours over 3 months
Best for very early stage
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Key Leader

Timely and pragmatic technology direction for your business

Up to 4 hours per week
Best for solving ongoing problems
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Fractional CTO

Technology leadership and hands-on engineering management

¼ of a full time executive
Best for full strategy and implementation
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What Clients say about our Leadership

Our work is unique for every client, the common theme is high impact results

Michael Raphael
CEO at IndeVets

“As a non-technical founder, having Nico from AcceleratorCTO leading our product and engineering teams has been critical to IndeVets' success. Nico led the build out of our technical staff -- writing job descriptions, interviewing candidates and making all of our key hires -- allowing us to transition from a contractor development relationship to owning our own product and engineering work in-house. At the same time, he has accelerated our product development, bringing a much-needed sense of urgency and structure. Most importantly, Nico has joined our Leadership Team, providing valuable insights and strategy to company wide business problems. Nico is one of those rare executives who can effortlessly dig into the details, see the big picture -- and do it all with great emotional intelligence and a genuine sense of humor.  We're very lucky to have Nico on the IndeVets' team.”

Katie Taylor
CEO at Child Life On Call

“AcceleratorCTO's contributions to our small team have been extremely helpful in guiding our startup through the complex and ever-changing IT industry. While we may be experts in our product and service, their proficiency has been an excellent asset, greatly contributing to our app's rapid advancements to get to market. They provided valuable guidance in navigating complex IT decisions. I highly recommend them for any startup looking for a top-notch technology partner and CTO.”

Nick Bhashyam
CEO at Hailify

“AcceleratorCTO is an amazing fractional CTO group to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable about the latest technologies and technology org structures. They have helped us level up our engineering organization to the high functioning and high output team we needed in order to support our company's fast growth.”

Anna Greenwald
CEO at On the Goga

“Nico and his team were exactly what we needed, when we needed it. Both my co-founder and I are non-technical, and while we were able to get our product off the ground we knew we needed next-level technical leadership to scale. Working with AcceleratorCTO is like having a best-in-class CTO join your team for the critical meetings, helping save hours of frustration and thousands of dollars of mistakes by guiding technical strategy early on. The affordable, flexible model has enabled us to utilize their expertise even pre-funding, and helped shape us as a company and as leaders.”

Daniel Duggal
CEO at ShopDitto

“Nico from AcceleratorCTO has been instrumental to Ditto's trajectory. He helps with big-picture work: architecture, vetting an external dev agency, recruiting an internal team, our engineering process, etc. But he also helps with specific issues like specific technical solutions and people management. He has also helped guide and counsel me, as a non-technical founder, with leading our engineering and product teams. We have gone much further, and done it more efficiently, thanks to Nico.”

Marcos Rojas
CEO at DishQuo

“I can't say enough good things about AcceleratorCTO! It’s has been an absolute game-changer for our company. Not only did they help us get our product roadmap in order, but they also provided invaluable technical expertise and business advice. Working with them has been a breeze, and we feel so fortunate to have them on our team.”

Shannon O'Niell
CEO at Simily

“We engaged with Nico at a critical point in time for Simily and he immediately connected us with a team of experts based on our specific needs. They worked closely with our team to understand our goals and guided us through the scoping, budgeting, and implementation of a new product. We greatly enjoyed working together and highly recommend their fractional-CTO services for early stage startups!”

Josh Winigrad
CEO at Beneration

“Before AcceleratorCTO, Beneration's software development was entirely outsourced to a 3rd party shop. We knew we wanted to insource devops, but we had no idea where to start. AcceleratorCTO masterfully helped us build out the team and processes required to own software development. They were instrumental to our success.”

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